Our team welcomes you! With our team of full time dive instructors and freelancer, always with charme, fun and personal atmosphere, we offer you an unique dive experience over the entire year, summer and winter, everyday for you.


Everyone of us is peerless and we all like to create the dive experience for you as a pleasant and relaxed time. Fun belongs to our daily business as well as the training in small groups for effective training and personal atmosphere.

Pit alias Peter Clausen, founder, owner and the heart of the diving center. Originally Pit startet as freediver more than 30 years ago. Soon he realised it's more than a hobby and he translated his passion into his profession more than 20 years ago. Various diving educations and decades of diving experience including his work as professional diver, backup diver and scientific diver enables him to train scuba divers as well as professional divers or international scientific divers. Diving lessons with Pit promise a very deep education combined with stories from his diving history and lots of fun - valuable to experience! He has the rights to certify all diving levels.

A snapshot of his diving career:

- 1988 he got his first diving certificate and spend most of his time abroad e.g. as salvage diver in south america, Brazil, caribbean sea, Canarian Island, Dive guide in south Europe
- 1991 Diving instructor education (PADI).
- Between 1992 - 93 leading a dive center in Elba, after that he found Pits-Tauchbasis in Bremen.
- 1994 working in the red sea
- 1995 - 96 licence to train technical  and deep diving
- 1996 already more than 3000 dives;
- 1997 education to scientific diver 
- 1998 certification as course director also for technical diving, Backup diver for TV filming
- 1998 Founder and President of institute for marine and water research
- 2000 - today Instructor Trainer at IANTD; 2 Level Instructor VDST/CMAS; Master Scuba Diver Trainer at PADI; course director ProTec CMAS International.
- leading the dive team during expedition to wrack „Goya“ & expedition to the wrack "Wilhelm Gustloff"

Bernd loves everything around watersport. He enjoys to teach and train you as dive instructor with all the expertise he has. Lots of fun is guaranteed.

 Doro explored the passion of diving during her first scuba dive course together with her son some years ago. Nowadays she is diving instructor and loves to spend her leisure time with us to train you. She loves to show you her passion and share her expertise.

Ron, Lars, Matthias und Detlef are passionated and experienced divers in their leisure time and support us as dive instructors.

Conny - diving as well the passion of her life. She supports the diving center from the back with organization, marketing, advertisement and positive energy. She explored the new boundless opportunity and combination of body, soul and mental freedom and is our freediving instructor.