kids diving

courses for children (from 8 years) - also for our young people, we have a professional program to get acquainted with lot's of fun of the underwater world.


… whether with friends, parents or in another country. 

Children's birthday and you'd like to offer the young guests something special? Talk to us.

Playful and with lot's of jellies your kids learn diving. 
Theoretically and practically, they acquire the same knowledge as an adult beginner. And in addition they will learn some basic components of solo diving training to get stronger and to take care more of themselves. The difference to an adult beginner course is the recommended limited diving depth and time.

Children diving license entitiles children with an age from 8 to dive in Germany, accompanied by the guardians. 10 and older the license gets converted in an international brevet, which allows them to dive even without guardians and with another dive partner. 

What you get from us:
- training material and training diving equipment
- no limit training - you practice till you can dive safely
To carry:
- swimming things & towel
- jellies and fun:-)