professional diving

welcome in our section for professional diving -  Pit learned it and worked as professional diver and he is more than happy to share his tremendous knowledge with you. Whatever you look for: deep diving with mixed gas, rebreather diving, technical diving, solo diving and more...


solotauchen 4 1

single diving

You like to go diving without buddy? Learn specific techniques to take care of yourself!

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Nitrox 1

enriched air nitrox

That's the start of technical diving. Here you learn the right handling of oxygen.

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rebreather course

Rebreather diving opens a complete new horizon in the world of diving to you...

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technical diving

How deep is deep - daily conditions, blood pressure, heart rate and breathing techniques are critical during the training and for the exploration of your personal depth limit. 

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normoxic trimix course

welcome to the extreme diving area. Within this course diving depths of 60m can be achieved. The magic gas is helium… normoxic trimix. 


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trimix course

Let's get down! Training at depths up to 100m can be achieved thanks to the special breathing gas mixtures - trimix. 

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