scuba diving

select your course in scuba diving - from beginner up to diving instructor. Or just an appointment to discover scuba diving to explore and feel the fascination of diving. 


Discover scuba diving

You never went diving before and just would like to try it out?

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kurs schwimmbad 2

beginner course

From beginner to independent diver. Your diving adventure starts.. the first time breathing under water...

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Steilwand taucher

advanced course

Get more security and expertise with the advanced course. It's the direct follow-up course after beginner and builds on its knowledge.

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Rettungstauchen 1

rescue diver

Here you learn techniques to help and rescue yourself, rescue of other divers, prevention of accidents and travel medicine.


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That's the first step into the trainer team - secure diving events & assist during diving courses.


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ausbildung Tauchlehrer

instructor course

From hobby to profession!
You become with us a diving instructor for scuba diving, deep diving, rebreather instructor up to trimix instructor. Just let us know your plans and goals.


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