specialty courses

Here an overview of other specialty courses we offer.

Diving with a dry suit 

The switch from wet or semi-dry suit to a dry system should include at least an one instruction.
Not only that diving feel is different, but also the heat regulation and the pressure, so the compression, behave differently in a dry suit than eg. in the conventional wetsuits. In addition, practical skills such like buoyancy control differ as well. During that course we will practice with you the descent and ascent techniques as well as train you on other techniques, problems and hazards.

Those who want to experience and learn more about it, can also make a drysuit diving certification. It's the aim that you get familiar with the handling of a drysuit and can dive safely. Finally, drysuit diving is also a prerequisite for diving under ice.

night diving

night dives are a special highlight and challenge for every diver. Surrounded by darkness and the light beam of your lamp…  but if the cone of light shines fish and over sandbanks and corals, which are more colorful at night, soaked the mostly initial discomfort. To dive at night has quite different and sometimes more exciting insights into the underwater world than during the day. However, for many divers provides a night dive a more psychological burden as it is an unknown environment in the beginning. 

Therefore night dives are more suitable for those who have already some dives behind and could attain first knowledge of underwater navigation.Call us, we are happy to provide more information.

Ice diving

The cold water makes high jemands on both divers as well as to the equipment. The direct ascent is not possible, only the canvas has a safe return from the dormant water, already this implies a significant stress factor for many divers.For those who want to experience the underwater world differently, we offer individual ice dives as well as an ice diving course, in which you will receive a certificate after successful passing of theory and practice.
Here you learn more about the fundamental equipment for ice diving, how to behave correctly close to and under the water and what to consider to experience unique and safe dives beneath the ice.

underwater navigation and orientation

Would you like to get back to the place where you started from? Would you like to know where you are just right now? You have a clear advantage if you know how to read and to use a compass. During dives with limited visibility, wreck, reef, night dives or even during search and rescue you significantly benefit from knowing how to orientate and navigate. Not always you have an experienced diver next to you.
In our course you learn in few dives navigation and orientation under water for feeling all the time secure knowing where you are. 

Diving safety and rescue

Please give us a call, we are happy to provide more information on that.

Search and rescue

Ever accidentally dropped into the water or got lost? Or would you put yourself on the tracks of a treasure hunter?
Starting with the planning, organization and security considerations you will learn during the course different techniques and search Patterns on how to locate and resche objects ( by use of lines, ropes and various lifting techniques).

Underwater work on request 

We rescue (almost) everything. Whether to rescue something really small or large or the search and rescue of other objects, we carry out all kinds of underwater work. 
Feel free to contact us for more information and conditions.

Wreck diving, cave diving, flow diving 

Please give us a call, we are happy to provide more info on that.

Diving with full face mask

…is not so difficult. We have equipment available. Please give us a call, we are happy to provide more info on that. 

Pressure chamber rides

Pressure chamber rides are great fun! You experience under realistic and controlled conditions a dive simulation up to 50m depth. 

Underwater film and photography course

For more information don't hesitate to call us.